Musical Boners


Ever since the first stone was banged, or the first crackle of fire, man has searched the depth and breath of sound to find that of delicious satisfaction.

Have you ever sat down and listened to a song and you realize that it stands out from the rest of the album? A piece of music so inspiring that blood rushes from your normal flow to your penis and stiffens it?

Here at musical boners we take pride in sexual arousal over songs that are just SO great that we physically prepare ourselves to make love to them

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Heems - Womyn

Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri this week put out the Nehru Jackets mixtape. It features all of the guests one would expect from a Das Racist member - Lakutis, Danny Brown and Big Baby Ghandi all feature, plus a surprise appearance from Childish Gambino - and all of the wit and fun one would, too. Nehru Jackets is nowhere near as weird as Kool A.D.’s solo effort The Palm Wine Drinkard, though the two make interesting companion pieces, showing how two halves come together to make one Das Racist (sans Dapwell). Anyway, much like the band’s two mixtapes, it’s overlong but overall good, and some of the songs are just fun as hell. This is one of them.